FAQs - TheICTLabs : Frequently Asked Question

  • What is ICT Labs?

    TheICTLabs is a fully equipment lab with all necessary ICT tools/equipment to enable individuals gain Hands-on experience..

    TheICTLabs is a training center where our training is done practically through project leaning.

  • Do I really get hands-on skills? YES

    Our training is 100% hands-on. From the day you join TheICTLabs, practicals start.

    Every day you have 3 hours of intensive hands-on where you experiment using various tools as per our curriculum for SIX (6) weeks.

  • What do I expect to learn?

    You will be expected to participate in all the project practicals in the sessions.

    This cuts across all technologies. Networks, servers, wireless, security, client side support, power backup, corporate Internet setup, mails clients/servers etc.

  • What are the requirements to be admitted?

    All you need to have is a Masters, bachelors, a diploma or a certificate in CCNA, IT Essentials, MSCE and any internationally recognized certificate in any ICT related courses.

    You can also be a second year student of any university doing ICT related courses to qualify for Practical internship.

  • How much does it cost to train and for how long?

    Training is for 3 hours three days of the week excluding public holidays for 6 weeks. Each training at TheICTLabs costs ONLY UGX: 385,000.

    For payment terms please contact the information desk. info@theictlabs.com

  • Will I have access to equipment? YES

    The student equipment ration is 1:1. This means that every one has access to tools and equipment.

  • Will I be given a certificate after the training? YES.

    Certificates are offered to all those who successfully complete TheICTLabs skills enhancement trainings.

    This certificate can be used any where in seeking to succeed in your endeavors. We advise that you talk to TheICTLabs administrators to inform you on what to do to get your certificate.

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